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Summary of our HBCU Technical Workshops

2015 Semi-Annual Technical Assistance Workshop 9.21-22.15 updated NA of HBCU Title III Administrator 2015 Registration Form
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Assessing Performance and Writing Impact Reports Cloud Based Resources for Teaching and Learning NCCU Enhancing Retention and Graduation Rates PROGRESS MONITORING FORM (Gloria James) PVAMU Open Source Software and Converge Communications TSU Exploring Social Media UAPB Maximizing Results with Minimal Resources Using Data to Access Performance UVI Transitioning University Systems Forward Writing Measurable Objectives Successful...
Below are our presentations from our 2010 technical Workshop. Writing_Measurable_Objectives_and_Performance_Indicators Strategies For Balancing Title III Budgets  HBGI Presentation For Florida  Presentation for STEM Academy  NCCU HBGI Presentation  HBCU HBGI PHASE I – Formula Data Florida  Session Survey