HBCU Title III Association Purpose and Mission

PURPOSE: The National Association of HBCU Title III Administrators, Inc. (NAHBCUT3A) is organized to be a nonprofit association that represents the general concerns of Administrators of Title III, Part B Projects.  The purpose of the Association is to provide professional development, information, technical assistance, and serve as an advocate to help advance/strengthen HBCU, CARES ACT, and HBGI programs authorized under the Higher Education Act.  Furthermore, the Association will work to maintain a professional relationship with the U.S. Department of Education and to serve as a forum for discussion and dialogue on the regulations and policies relative to the implementation of programs and services.


To preserve the integrity of our nation’s HBCUs through maximizing resources, establishing cooperative partnerships, and providing professional development for grant managers.


To assist Title III Administrators in achieving the highest level of expertise and professionalism to assist their institutions in implementing grants effectively and efficiently and in accordance with federal guidelines.