2021 -2019- 2018 – 2017 – 2016 Workshop Presentations

Workshop Presentations:

2021 Virtual Technical Assistance Workshop PowerPoint Presentations – Washington DC



Samuel T. Rhoades/Sylvia Thomas:         

Title III Historical Overview 20th Anniversary

Title III Historical Background:   

Samuel T. Rhoades:                         Title III Historical Overview 2018 

Dr. Billy Hawkins:                              Title III Impact @ Talladega College

Department of Education:      

Sarah Beaton 06-12-18 HBCU

Session Presentations:

Denise Wynn – North Carolina State University:    Holistic Approach to Connecting Title III Funds – Pre and Post Awards

 Title III Reconcilation of Funds – NCCU



Grambling State University:    

Benefits of the Enrichment of HBCU

Graduate Nursing Through Title III

Texas Southern University: 

Dr. Raijanel Crockem:   Title III Assessment presentationSummer2018 06-10-18v3   –  

LaRence B. Snowden:    Leveraging Title III Funding   


T3_UVICaseStudy_PartB_2017 Richard and Brathwaite

TitleIIIAdministrators,Inc. – Sam Rhoades June2017

Dr. Josephine Hamilton:         HBCU-D Administrators Conference Information.6.8.17 -U S Department of Education – Dr Josephine Hamilton



2016 Audit Readiness – Keith Terrell

2016 Title III TAW – Karen Epps

HBCU Title III Admins_Mgmt Concepts

Sustainment Roundtable_vF

Jeopary Closeout – Karen Epps

North Carolina Central University Soaring to Sophomore Year Success – David Hood

TMCF Tile III Conference Slides Edith Bartley

2016 Title III Conference Power Point – UNCF Tralonne Shorter