Yolanda Bonnette – Fayetteville State University

Director of Title III/Grants Administration at Fayetteville State University, is responsible for program development/implementation, budget/grants management, and data analyses.

Yolanda Bonnette



Yolanda Bonnette is the Director of Office of Sponsored Programs and Title III Program Administration at Fayetteville State College. She is a product of a Historically Black College, receiving a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Talladega College in English and Secondary Education. Talladega College provided her vital academic tools towards pursuing graduate studies. She received a Master of Science Degree in Education Administration from Purdue University in Indiana. While pursuing a career in higher education, she also earned an Educational Specialist Degree in Education Administration Supervision from Tennessee State University and she is currently a Doctoral Candidate, completing the last phase of the doctoral degree program. Her professional experiences span of 20 years, include leadership of student affairs and administrative domains in higher education.

As an Educational Consultant for the State of Tennessee and External Evaluator, she developed expertise in institutional evaluation and student based performance outcomes for demonstrating persistence and retention. Education, specifically higher education was the professional culture where she found the opportunity to provide greater assistance to people similar to those role models that shaped her life. She found her professional niche in the Federal TRIO Programs as the Director of Educational Talent Search Program, and the fire for research of first generation freshmen students was ignited. Some of her scholarly awards and achievements include being inducted into the Phi Delta Kappa International Society at Tennessee State University, receiving the President’s Affirmative Action Award at Purdue University, being selected as President of the Indiana Mid- America Association of Educational Opportunity Program Personnel and completing the Mid-America Association Educational Opportunity Emerging Leaders Institute, Co-Chair of Strategic Planning Title III HBCU Association and receiving a Certificate of Merit for Dedicated Service to the Community and the State of Tennessee.